Our Products

At NanoRods, LLC using proprietary growth technologies, gold nanorods are grown in variety of sizes and volumes. The level of shape impurity in the as-prepared batches is so low that there is no need for separation or filtration protocols.  We offer:

1- CATB-coated gold nanorods with LSPR ranging from 600 nm to 1150 nm.  Gold nanorods MSDS
2- Proprietary polyethylene glycol (PEG) coated-gold nanorods with LSPR ranging from 600 nm to 1150 nm. Brochure-PEG coated NRs.pdf

Our PEG-coated nanorods can survive extreme dilutions and multiple high speed centrifugation and redispersion.

Gold nanorods are offered at any concentration and volume with very affordable prices.    

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For more information contact us at info@goldnrs.com.